Why Choose Physician's Choice?

We have witnessed, first hand, the lengths insurance companies go to avoid paying claims. Insurance companies seem to count on the fact that most offices will not research every denial.

Physician's Choice account managers research denials diligently. No denial is allowed to sit on a desk. We work on denials before filing the paperwork. This helps your accounts receivable stay low. The national average of receivables aging past 120 days is 10 percent. Ours is lower than 5 – some accounts are even lower.

When your employees do the billing, they often have other responsibilities and cannot focus on the accurate billing. They are usually not trained in billing and they don’t keep up with the regulations. This places you in jeopardy for penalties and fines and lets the insurance companies take advantage of you and your practice.

We bill claims electronically, when possible. After the claim is sent we receive a report that tells us if all of our information is accurate. If not, we are able to make the needed changes and resubmit the claim immediately. This drastically increases prompt payment to our clients.

We are able to have the payment vouchers sent electronically as well. We download the payments and write-offs (so-called 835s) which are then posted immediately. A large voucher can take several hours to hand-post but an electronic voucher can be done in minutes and is extremely accurate.

We also use coding software (Code Link) that is updated as the changes occur. Many offices do not even have current coding books, causing many denials to be incorrectly coded.

We are proud of the fact that whenever outside auditors have reviewed our work, they have always been positive in their appraisals of what they have observed.