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Our Technologic Advantage


Physician’s Choice uses advanced billing managment software to provide a level of service that would be hard to accomplish otherwise. This software allows us to bill and post payments electronically. With it, we can resolve denials within hours after sending the claims, to ensure that you receive the money you are entitled to.

The managment portion of this system produces over 300 reports that help you track the health of your business.

Some of our clients obtain a satellite version of this software in their offices, allowing them to sign into our server to view their account information, live. Other clients purchase the scheduling portion of this software, which is nicely integrated with the management system, to empower their staff with access to these money-savings tools. Our relationship with the software vendor allows us to provide this access for you at a very reasonable fee.

Physician’s Choice also provides a consulting service. We are happy to come to your office and provide education on how to bill correctly and how to gain the upper hand with the insurance companies.

Please contact us today as we have many ways to make you successful!