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In a recent survey by the Physicians' Foundation, almost half of the 12,000 responding physicians reported that they would consider leaving medicine. Why this dissatisfaction? The main reasons cited was the tough business climate created by insurance companies and government agencies.

We can help! Physician's Choice provides billing services to medical professionals We know it can seem risky to hire an outside billing service. But, once you see our results and our dedication, you'll know you did the right thing. We have a built-in incentive to work hard for you – if your billings do not get paid, neither do we. We have never had a client whose receivables did not increase after we started doing their billing.

We make it easy for you to work with us and provide a number of ways for you to send us your billing information. We have a courier who goes out once a week and picks up all charges and deposits. Some offices prefer to fax charges to us daily. Some use the U.S. mail. In other cases, we are the office manager, so payments come directly to us and we go to the bank for you each day. We are fully bonded.

We handle the patient statements and all phone calls relating to them. We pay for all supplies and postage so the office does not need to. As you can see, we offer many benefits and services that can increase your income.

Our reports are complete and keep your office accurately informed of all transactions. We have over 300 prepared reports, so we can provide your office everything you need.